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With 30 years professional landscape design experience , Inspiring Spaces will consult or provide a creative one of a kind design, that will inspire you and have you living and enjoying the outdoors more than ever. THE OUTDOORS ARE MORE THAN JUST FOR LOOKING AT...THEY ARE FOR LIVING IN.. and a MASTER PLAN gives you a solid investment in the life of your landscape

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Landscape Architectural Design and Consulting backed by 30 Years of professional practice is what I provide , near or far, small yards to large estates, existing or future development.

I am here to advise and bridge my expertise with your landscape needs.

My design experience in the landscape industry began with a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Toronto, as well as architectural/garden design studies throughout Europe and both northern and southern climates of North America.

My clientele range across Canada and the USA, from the Muskoka's of northern Ontario across to Alaska and down to the sunshine states.

The most important thing for my clients to consider is a design or master plan.

A MASTER PLAN gives you a solid investment in the life of your landscape. When I develop a Master Plan for you, it will be logical, stand the test of time and adapt to changes , be financially beneficial, and in the end , it will leave you wanting to stay outdoors.

Master Planning has the' big picture ' in mind, but allows you to execute in PHASES. it is like a map that tells you, and everyone involved in the construction, where to start and how to achieve end desires. The Master Plan will reflect 'you landscape style', which I will help you determine, and how you live.



Tania is a great professional landscape designer. She is very in touch with the style of design the customer desires and provided a plan for the front yard that suits the property and is not at all "cookie cutter". By using mature plants, the design looks very natural, like it has been there for years. Tania is conscientious in follow-up, visiting the site frequently during execution by the other professionals involved. I had already paid another designer for a complete landscape plan, but never executed it because it just never felt right.Read More

Tania took my vague garden dreams and created an amazing plan for my family. It’s multipurpose with a variety of useful and beautiful spaces. She dealt with pet, drainage and grade issues. She has been a delight to work with.Read More

I highly recommend Tania for your outdoor living space. We made multiple attempts at creating that space for entertaining friends and family , but were never able to pull it together. Tania was able to take our thoughts and some of the ideas we had attempted in the past and create an amazing design for our side yard. She was very thoughtful about us and our lifestyle when laying out the design. We completed the first phase of the project this year. Tania was always available to answer any question we or the contractor had. We are looking forward to finishing up the project this coming summer. It really is a pleasure working with someone who is both professional and personable.Read More

In her design of our landscape master plan, Tania exceeded our expectations and our vision! She was very responsive to our questions throughout the process. We highly recommend her!Read More

We used Tania Krawchenko as our landscape designer in conjunction with Sky Evans of Skyline Remodeling for a large two year project. It included everything from installing cedar rail fencing to a significant amount of stone work and general landscaping. Sky installed stone veneer to our home facade, columns, deck, planter and entrance column. He installed a beautiful all natural stone walkway as well as a fire pit and terrace. In addition, he removed existing stairs and installed a flagstone entry and staircase. The workmanship was superb, high quality and artistically gifted. If you are working with stone, he's your man!Read More

I found a wonderful landscape designer in Tania Krawchenko of Inspiring Spaces. Tania is very knowledgeable, full of great ideas, and thorough in her designs and follow-up consultations. Her plans for the yards addressed and mitigated my concerns about shade, tree roots, noise and curb appeal. She worked closely with the landscaper before and during the actual preparation and planting. Tania consulted at the end of the project as well, ensuring that our plan was implemented accurately. I am very pleased with the outcome, and would highly recommend Tania and Inspiring Spaces.Read More

Tania’s work is exceptional, she has the creative expertise, knowledge and skills you want in a landscape architect. She has been working with us hand in hand over the last two years of house construction and she provided us an outstanding plan, it felt like Christmas!Read More

Tania has an extensive knowledge of materials and plants combined with a keen creative vision. She listened to our needs and desires going beyond what we said tapping into our dreams. Tania's design was comprehensive. We were looking to create a new, cohesive look to our entire lot. She incorporated local trees and shrubs with just enough hard scraping to give feeling of living in cozy wooded setting. We wanted to do the work ourselves over several summers. She has been very flexible and accommodating. We will begin our project in the summer of 2017 and post pictures as things development.Read More

We hired Tania Krawchenko at Inspiring Spaces to draft a landscaping plan to accent the extensive remodel project we we've been doing on our home. Her design is amazing! It takes into account all of the features we talked about wanting to see and folds in her intimate knowledge about the best type of foliage, colors, height, shade and cover. I am really pleased with her work and am excited to see it grow into reality!Read More

Tania is a miracle worker! She provided for my immediate needs, as well, as providing a long term plan for our future, which was rather complicated given that my family has been gone yearly during summers: and summers are the only growing season in Alaska! I highly recommend her, she is all about customer satisfaction. Don't delay in calling Inspiring Spaces because Tania is highly in demand but makes you feel that your needs are high priorities! She is such a blessing, I know God is using Tania to beautify yards everywhere she goes! Even yards like mine, that were neglected every summer!Read More

After purchasing a new construction home where I had to put in landscaping, I had no idea of where to start as I had a hill lot with drainage and erosion issues. I knew generally what I liked but had no idea how to put it together in a plan. Tania was wonderful. We spent some time talking and she thoroughly evaluated my lot and then came up with an amazing plan. She has also been great in helping me figure out how I can phase the project so I can afford to get done what I need to in order to comply with my HOA, but then can add in the remaining elements over time. She is very responsive and professional and I would give her my highest recommendation if you want a beautiful landscape design. Her fees have been very reasonable for the work I know she has put in. The cost below are just her fees and were towards the lower end of the range and it was worth every penny and then some.Read More

Tania is amazing. Our new construction site on a steep slope looked like a gravel pit when Tania first saw it. Our hope was to come up with a comprehensive landscape plan that was compatible with the natural wooded and rocky setting of our home, avoided the use of lawn, provided for outdoor living areas, and used low-maintenance plants. Tania is a careful listener and really nailed our vision in her plan. She is very knowledgeable-- of design possibilities, materials, plants, and local contractors. She is also very involved and committed to making sure that the finished landscaping is true to the plan. For example, she made sure she was on-site when concrete walkways and patios were poured so that she could help define the shapes and help us select colors and textures. She’s also flexible and creative. One of our patios was originally a near- oval shape. As we all looked at it, we realized it could be turned into a leaf. Tania worked with the concrete contractor, modified the design, and we now have a lovely autumn leaf patio. Tania is also patient. Because of the scope of our project and our budget limitations, we have had to pace the project over 3 summers. She has been more than willing to work with us over time. She brings us positive energy every time we interact.Read More

We had Tania put together a plan for our property and didn't know exactly what to expect... but when Tania delivered (in a really timely way I might add), she certainly did not disappoint! We were blown away by the detail, thoroughness and heart that she put into our design. We couldn't have been happier and are SO thankful for her help and amazing work in getting us started off on the right foot for our property and landscaping designs. Fantastic job! Charley and Jessica PrestonRead More

We initially hired Tania shortly after moving into our newly built house, hoping that she could help us with landscaping, but my expectations were absolutely blown away by her and the plans she came up with for our property! Tania is amazingly creative and professional, yet also completely personable and wonderful to work with. Her knowledge of landscape design and her vision for our property are incredible. We have taken several summers to enact her plans due to budget constraints, but she has been very patient and continues to help us with each step of the project. I highly recommend Tania!Read More

We first met Tania when we were looking for help with our backyard. We wanted a design that we could use as a blueprint, executing the plan ourselves. She was so much fun to work with as she listened to our vision, likes and dislikes. Tania always kept us updated on her progress and met any timeline she promised. Her plan was so helpful as we took our time over five years to complete. Our family and friends always enjoy spending time in all of the spaces, from the multiple decks, fire pit area and waterfall. We recently sold our house and are currently building from scratch. The first person we called was Tania because we knew she would be able to help us design another fantastic yard.Read More